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DECK THE HALL: Haunt Your House with Items Around the House

Tired of the same old decorations? Low on finances? Don't have allot of time? Here are some ideas to apply to your home which cost nothing and usually take very little replica watches uk

Tilt Your Wall Hangings in Different Directions
Tilt Your Wall Hangings all in the Same Direction
More Tilted Wall Hangings
Change out a Wall Hanging
Cover Your Furniture with Sheets
Create a Giant Floating Indoor Tree
Display Decorative Iron on Your Windows
Cover Your Wall Hangings with Sheers
DECK THE HALL: Haunt Your House with Items that Cost Next to Nothing

Here are some ideas on how to get an atmosfearic punch on a low budget

A Better Web-Covered Chandelier
Haunt Your Window Treatments
DECK THE HALL: Wise Purchases Worth the Money

Here are some items to purchase and how to use them effectively.

Crystal Haunt
Skull Chandelier
Chain Garland
Decorate with Lanterns
DECK THE HALL: Room Themes

It is not always necessary to carry out a particular theme. However, once you start collecting, themes start to emerge.

Skull Room
Alfred Hitchcock THE BIRDS
DECK THE HALL: Lighting Ideas

Give Your Windows an Erie Glow
BUFFET Table Decor

Here are some general ideas and more specific tables to create

General Table Ideas
Gargoyle-Infested Table
Cemetery Table
Fang-Watering Fingerfoods

Here are some effective and tasty foods for your Ghoultide Gala buffet that only require fingers, toothpicks, chips or crackers to eat.

Haunted Forest Marinated Mushrooms
Haunted Forest Stuffed Mushrooms
Dead Sea Cocktail
Black-As-A-Moonless-Night Bean Dip
Dev'lish Eggs with Caviar
Chattering Chili Pepper Jelly
Deadmeat Balls
Bloody Mary's Killa Tomatoes
Swamp Balls
Black-As-A-Moonless-Night Bean Dip
Ghoultide Gourmet from Chef Pfiere

Various recipes for the more adventurous and experienced chefs.patek philippe aquanaut replica watches

Fishermans Nightmare: Poached Salmon
P�t� Mummifique!
Your Just Desserts for Your Sweetfang

Ghoultide Feastes

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