Free Idea
Deadmeat Balls

1 large bag frozen small meatballs
1 bottle BBQ sauce
Dry-rub BBQ

Sure, you can make your own meatballs, but it would be perfectly fine to simply purchase a bag of the smaller size frozen meatballs. Sprinkle them with your favorite dry BBQ rub (we prefer a rub from Texas or Memphis) and bake according to directions. Then carefully toss them in your favorite BBQ sauce (we prefer a sauce from Texas, Memphis or Kansas; and we don't mess with no grape jelly or mustard nonsense in our meatballs!)

Place in a crockpot on low or warm, and you have yourself something mighty fine!

Now, we try to get a little more fancy at our Galas, so we keep the meatballs warm in the crockput, then transfer them to a heated chafing dish to be placed on the buffet before our guests arrive.

A couple more tips:

Don't buy the large meatballs. Many guest will be eating the meatballs with a toothpick. If they can't eat it in one bite, they will bite off at the wrong place and, inevitably, the other half will fall off the toothpick and onto your rug.

Don't buy the spicy meatballs for this recipe. Spice them yourself so you can control the flavor.

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